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The perfect hunter is a thoroughbred. There's the style, elegance, and that intangible presence in a thoroughbred you just can't find in any other breed. Having bred, raised and sold hundreds of thoroughbreds as racing, riding and show horses, for the past twenty-five years, we've developed a successful strategy for making champion hunters.

We look at patterns in pedigrees that point to particular families and conformational characteristics we consider desirable. We look for a type of mare that, when crossed with our stallions, will produce youngsters that have the talent to do the job, and stay sound doing it. We generally select breeding stock from European thoroughbred families; horses with those bloodlines tend to be quiet and sane, and are bred to go a route, and they are expected to stay sound and competitive (as steeplechasers) well into their teens.

We look for mares who match our stallions in type. They must have good size, substance and bone; a wide head; a short back; a smooth topline; a long, sloping shoulder with matching angle in the pasterns; a long, elegant neck, and a strong hip. They have to be correct, well-balanced, attractive, and have a big, low stride. They must have flat bone and joints and low knees. We also look for pretty faces and heads. But before any of this, we look for mares with good temperaments. Since most of our youngsters will eventually be shown by juniors and amateurs, we focus on breeding horses that are kind, generous and unflappable. Mom and 1999babes

Allen Stock Farm youngsters go to pasture with their moms several days after birth, and live their lives outside in the lush high valley pastures. They run and play, jumping creeks and downed logs, building muscle and bone, and strengthening ligaments and tendons. After weaning, youngsters are turned out in pastures by age group, where they continue to develop strength, stamina and the skill to negotiate obstacles handily.

2 Year Old Fillies We follow a rigorous schedule of worming, vaccination, and trimming. Youngsters are periodically brought in for videotaping, or if ill or injured, and all are handled regularly, well used to people.

At age 3, some are lightly broken to saddle, although by then, many are already sold to future show homes. Raised at 5500 feet, they are in great shape when moved to sea level to begin their training for the show ring.
Two year old fillies are curious, friendly and gorgeous!
1998 Yearlings looking for dinner. From Left, Icy Adonis filly; Valley's Rounder filly; Apollo's Fire filly; and three more Valley's Rounder fillies.

When you purchase a young ASF horse, you do so in the knowledge that the horse is fit and healthy and ready to start under saddle. With their excellent temperaments, almost all of them easily take to bathing, clipping, and trimming.

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